my name's Dilyana.

I am here to teach you the German skills you need to communicate with confidence in the most effective, flexible and fun way. has already helped thousands of German learners to perfect their language and intercultural skills and thereby become more successful in their job and in everyday German life.


  • Strategic coaching: Our step-by-step instructions have been tested with hundreds of learners in all industries, refined over years and provide you with reliable results.

  • The focus is on your goals: you learn what you really need. We know the formula behind successful learners and we know how to get you there.

  • Competence: You develop your skills on the side and can apply them directly - to show yourself from your best side.




Results of Our Learners


Director at Novartis

"A colleague told me that I had become “one of them.”  For someone working on integrating into a foreign language, culture and work environment – there is no higher compliment!" 


LSCA Project Manager
at Agilent Technology

"She makes lessons more engaging and I get to talk about things that I might talk about outside with other people. For me that's very useful."


Director Medical Writing and Disclosure at CSL Behring

"I felt like she understood exactly what it was that I needed to learn from German lessons. That is... how to interface and integrate into the German culture and what I needed to do step by step to be able to be successful in that


Senior Manager at Accenture

"I now have the confidence to engage in German conversations with my German co-workers. They were surprised at the level of my German for someone who just started learning (I had only been working with Dilyana for little over two months)


Projects Lead at CSL Behring

"It wasn’t until I met Dilyana that I realised what a personalised approach offers. My time is so much more effectively spent with her than with anything else I’ve tried." 


Ohthalmologist at St.-Vincentius-Kliniken

"And that was the happy ending: I got my job as an eye doctor in Germany.  That was just the beginning... now I can be funny in German, dream in German... and sometimes even be angry in German."

How can you work with GermanSkills?

Since we receive a lot of inquiries, we unfortunately cannot accept all of them. We only work with those learners with whom we see the greatest potential for success.


1. You apply for the free initial interview.


In order to regularly achieve excellent results for our customers, we can only look after a handful of learners at a time. To be part of this network of selected people, you apply for a free initial interview.


2. A team member will call you and interview you.


Someone from our team will contact you by phone. On the booking date you have chosen, we will find out together how exactly we can help you, what your starting situation is and which goals are important to you.


3. We coordinate the appointment together.


After we have gained an overall impression of your situation, we may make an appointment for the joint strategy discussion. In it we give you an individual step-by-step plan with which you can achieve your German goals in record time.

Why do our learners achieve

excellent results?

The answer is simple:

Because we tell them how the most effective learning of German really works for adults. There are a few things that probably no one has told you so clearly before ...


2. Successful learners focus on their goals.


Learning German can be extremely fast - if you do it right. Instead of learning what is in the textbooks or taught in any general German courses, you can just focus on what is relevant to you.



If you use the right strategies and methods in learning, you will learn what you really need. That increases your motivation enormously. Learning is only very effective if you are highly motivated because you remember everything much faster. And once you feel the success, you feel confident to apply the new knowledge directly. You are proud of your result and want to share it with everyone - your colleagues, neighbors, friends. This is the only way to communicate with joy, practice in authentic situations and have fun with the German language.

1. More vocabulary and grammar will not get you any further.


If you are trying to improve your German by simply expanding your vocabulary and studying grammar rules, or if you think you need to speak more to native speakers, you have not understood what is important when learning a foreign language.


You waste your time learning and practicing things and in the end you are still dissatisfied with your German language skills. Why?

  • You don't understand the native speakers very well.

  • And even if you understand them to some extent, you are nowhere near as able to express yourself as they do.


3. With the right method to success


What do you have to do to learn what you really need? There is only one plan that can be planned for this: the GermanSkills method. This is the only way to optimize your learning so that you stay motivated and enjoy using what you have learned.


We do not teach with any average textbooks that were written for the masses, but analyze your personal situation together with you and create a strategy and a learning plan for you, which we adapt flexibly to your learning needs, your learning style and rhythm.


In a highly qualified and experienced team, we don't just decide out of the blue what to learn next or what's the next chapter in the textbook, but concentrate completely on you and your goals. We do not follow conventional teaching methods that only deliver conventional results, but plan with you strategically what is best for you.  



Using conventional methods and aimlessly learning vocabulary and grammar you cannot stay motivated in the long term and achieve the results you want. If you want to competently participate in German conversations and contribute through your experience and personality, you have to learn strategically and purposefully. The GermanSkills method is the only way for you to improve and apply your German skills in a highly motivated, planable and quick manner.

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